TOTALSHAVE – Shaving cream with balm. 200ml.


Shaving cream with balm. Softens the hair, prepares the skin and facilitates the sliding of the blade. It replaces the traditional shaving foam and once the shave is finished, it does not require after shave lotion. It allows you to shave with a blade in a regular way, even against the grain. One cream, the complete shave.

Avoid redness, pimples and ensure that our skin does not suffer daily aggressions, leaving us a feeling of elasticity, freshness and hydration in the face. Can be used on all skin types. When applied, it becomes transparent allowing you to see the shaving area, it is perfect for outlining the beard and sensitive areas.

Product formulated for all skin types, including the most sensitive. One cream, the complete shave.

85,4% of natural origin.

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Algae Porphyridium Cruentum (red marine microalgae that hydrates, softens and enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier, preventing external aggressions).

Alpha-bisabolol (active concentrate that prevents and calms irritation).

Collagen (of marine origin provides elasticity and firmness).

Vegetable emollients (moisturize and protect).

Menthol microcapsules (Soothing active that provides immediate and lasting freshness).

With the face moistened, apply the cream, shave with a blade and clean with water. Use the blade as usual, cutting the hairs and removing the cream with the blade. Once the shave is finished, rinse the face with water, if there are any remaining hairs, shave again with the blade without having to reapply cream.


Transparent shaving cream that softens the hair, prepares the skin avoiding irritations, redness and pimples, facilitates shaving even against the grain and acts with after shave balm, three products in one. Perfect for shaving skin and sensitive areas and, as it becomes transparent, it is ideal for shaping the beard (under the neck and cheekbones).