SOFT Moisturizing hand cream – 75 ml.


Hand cream that promotes hydration, repair and cell renewal of the skin, avoiding its damage.
Indicated for all skin types, especially for those that are drier and more damaged.

86.7% of natural origin

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Glycerin (Protects the skin against external aggressions and softens it, favouring skin regeneration in very dry and cracked areas. It also helps to maintain the skin’s natural hydration thanks to its ability to absorb water).

Moisture-regulating corn carbohydrates (of natural origin, they prevent dehydration and prevent dryness and flaking. Reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and repairs damage caused by excessive use of cleansing and sanitising agents.

Aplicar dos veces al día sobre la piel limpia, acompañando con un suave masaje hasta su total absorción. Fórmula con elevado contenido de emolientes.