PEELING GEL – Facial peeling gel. 150 ml.


Facial peeling gel for oily and mixed skin types. A gentle peeling gel which strips away dead cells and impurities, leaving skin smooth and moisturised. Helps to correct oiliness and shiny patches on the skin, encouraging an even balance.

Promotes the elimination of superficial lines on the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration, increasing the production of collagen and improving the quality of the skin. Recommendable for people with scars, remnants of acne, spots, wrinkles or pigmentation. Leaves the skin more receptive for the application of other products.

Formulated for oily and combination skin. Vegan product.

85,6% of natural origin. 


Exfoliating granules (exfoliate, clean and prepare the skin for the actuation of the actives).

Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera, moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates cells).

Witch-hazel extract (astringent and anti-inflammatory active).

Azeloglicina (sebonormalizing active, anti-acne that improves the hydration of oily skin with pimples).

Allantoin (healing regenerator active).

Active agents’ producers of a long-lasting moisturising film (24 hours of hydration).

Using the fingertips or a cotton bud massage into the face in a circular motion for one minute. Remove with a wipe or a wet cotton pad and then wash face before applying the appropriate cream.


Facial peeling gel for oily and combination skin, eliminates superficial skin lines, stimulates cell regeneration, increases collagen production and improves skin quality.