It is a dense emulsion indicated for body massages. It has a high extensibility which facilitates the massage. In addition to a high content of emollients, it also contains vegetable extracts of Ivy and Seaweed, which favors the elimination of liquids while toning the dermal tissue. Treatment indicated for all skin types.

Presentation 1000 ml.


Liquid and Filtering Vaseline 

Both presentations of Vaseline are dermal protectors that do not penetrate the epidermis. They form a protective film on the surface of the skin, protecting it from external aggressions and preventing transdermal water loss. 

Fucus Extract

It is extracted from a very abundant seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean. It is characterized by its numerous properties in various fields. In body care it also stands out for toning, soothing and softening the skin. 

Ivy extract

It is a strong vasotonic, i.e. it is an active ingredient that normalizes capillary permeability, preventing the accumulation of subcutaneous water and promoting the elimination of liquids.

It is a dense emulsion which, on contact with the skin, thanks to body heat, becomes more fluid, greatly facilitating body massage. It is intended for professional use in specialized centers. 

Apply a small amount to the hands and rub gently to fluidify the product. Then apply it to the area to be massaged.