LIGHT EYES – Eye contour cream. 15 ML.


Fluid cream that prevents dehydration of the skin, limpness in the eyelids and the appearance of eye bags or dark circles. Effectively combats crow’s feet and the small lines caused by facial expressions, offering elasticity, tone and improving circulation in the area.

Eye contour formulated for all skin types, especially for mature and sensitive skin

89.5% of natural origin.

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Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (active that penetrates, hydrates and fills in wrinkles from the deepest layers of the skin).

Proteins (decongestant action and reduce bags and dark circles).

Collagen (active ingredient of marine origin that provides elasticity and firmness).

Elastin (active of marine origin that provides firmness and elasticity).

Chamomile extract (alpha-bisabolol, active with soothing, softening and irritation-preventing action).

Ruscus extract (active ingredient that improves circulation and favours the elimination of dark circles).

Always use on completely clean skin without traces of make up or dirt. Morning and night, apply with fingertips a small quantity of the cream to the area around the eyes, using a gentle dabbing movement.


Eye contour cream that eliminates bags and dark circles.