HYDRO GEL – Oily skin cleanser gel. 200 ml.


Special cleansing gel for oily skin types. It acts by balancing, regulating excessive oiliness and preventing the appearance of acne. Purifies your skin, offering a long-lasting even and matt texture.

Formulated for oily and/or acne skin. Vegan friendly product.

85,7% of natural origin. 


Encapsulated vitamin E (cleaning with antioxidant action).

Salicylic acid (active that exfoliates and descales the pores).

Tea tree essential oil (active antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory).

Azeloglycine (sebonormalizing active, anti-acne that improves the hydration of oily skin with pimples).

Using the fingertips or a cotton bud, massage into the face in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Remove with a wipe or a wet cotton pad and then wash face before applying the appropriate cream.


Special cleansing gel for oily skin that balances, removes excess oil and prevents the appearance of acne.