HYAL MASK – Anti-age facial mask. 200 ml.


Anti-age facial mask hyaluronic acid. Anti-ageing face mask based on hyaluronic acid with moisturizing properties and an immediate tensor effect. Acts filling and reducing the wrinkles from the inside.

Formulated for all skin types. Vegan friendly product.

96,2% of natural origin.


High molecular density hyaluronic acid (penetrates and moisturizes in the deepest layers of the skin).

Low molecular density hyaluronic acid (penetrates and moisturizes the superficial layers of the skin).

Chamomile extract (alpha-bisabolol, soothing action, decongestant and prevents irritation).

Vegetal glycerine (humectant active).

Apply a generous quantity over face, neck and neckline using a brush, as evenly as possible, avoiding the eye area. Leave in place for 20 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad. If a small quantity is applied, the product is easily absorbed and there is no need to remove.


During first applications it may produce a light tingling or itching sensation on the skin due to the powerful activation produced by the concentration of the active ingredients. It should not be confused with a negative or allergic reaction.


Anti-aging facial mask that produces an immediate tensor effect, filling and reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.