DELIGHT – Stretch mark cream. 150 ml.


Stretch mark prevention and reduction cream, conceived for periods of abrupt weight change (pregnancy, puberty…). A carefully researched formula which rapidly penetrates the skin, increasing elasticity and strengthening against the effects of stretching, to reduce the risk of broken fibres and stretch marks. Helps to diminish recently formed stretch marks, flaccid skin and combats the appearance of new stretch marks.

Formulated for all skin types. Vegan friendly product.

82.5% of natural origin.

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Vitamin A (antioxidant active with anti-wrinkle action that enhances the natural creation of collagen and elastin).

Vitamin E (antioxidant active).

Vitamin C (active that enhances the natural creation of collagen in the skin).

Organic silicon (active that regenerates and provides elasticity).

Centella asiatica extract (healing active that repairs, regenerates and enhances the natural creation of collagen).

Vegetable emollients (vegetable origin active that hydrate and protect).

Apply daily, massaging into the skin in ascending clockwise circles on the area to be treated. We recommend regular application, depending on the nature of the problem.


Stretch mark cream that increases resistance and reduces the risk of breakage of skin fibres.