Gel that provides an immediate and prolonged sensation of relief, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. It presents activating properties of the skin’s blood irrigation that strengthen and relieve tired legs, improving the return circulation. It is indicated for people who spend long periods of time without sitting or who make great efforts.

Presentation 1000 ml.



Compound extracted from mint plants. It has cooling, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, increasing blood flow and, therefore, improving circulation.


It is a compound extracted from the wood of the Camphor tree, native to the Far East. It has cooling, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation stimulating activity.


As its name indicates, it is a component extracted from the Eucalyptus tree. In addition to its bactericidal action, its main activity is anti-inflammatory, thus promoting circulation.

Emollients derived from Jojoba

Component that provides the benefits of Jojoba. This plant is native to semi-desert areas and has developed numerous mechanisms and strategies to combat the lack of water. It is a great emollient that, in hydro-alcoholic formulas, retains moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated.

This gel is intended for people who spend long periods of time on their feet, for people with circulatory problems or for pregnant women. This gel provides immediate and prolonged relief by reactivating blood circulation. 

Apply by circular and ascending massages on the whole area to be treated. It can be applied several times a day. After each application, carefully wash hands and do not touch mucous membranes or eyes as menthol could cause discomfort. In case of accidental eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of water.