CLEAN PUR – Anti-acne Lotion. 150 ml.


Anti-acne lotion which dries the skin and helps to eliminate the spots on the face and neck most commonly occurring during adolescence. Continued use keeps the irritating spots at bay and avoids long term scarring on the face. Although it isn’t possible to eliminate the spots completely, they won’t come out so big, and will clear up quicker. 

Recommended for use during adolescence, and especially for those oily or acne prone skin types. Vegan friendly product.

85,5% of natural origin. 


Witch hazel extract (astringent and anti-inflammatory).

Salicylic acid (descales, opens and cleans the pores).

Hydroalcoholic solution (disinfects and absorbs excess fat).

Azeloglicina (sebonormalizing, anti-acne, improves the hydration of skin with acne).

Sabal serrulata extract (decreases and inhibits the production of fat).

It can also be used on the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Apply twice daily. Pour the lotion onto a cotton pad and dab gently directly onto the affected areas.


Grain drying lotion that normalizes sebum production. Opens, cleans and disinfects pores.