Massage emulsion indicated for the relief of contractures or muscular pains resulting from injuries or sports efforts or daily routine. It is a solid emulsion that melts on contact with the skin by body heat, becoming an ideal product for massage in localized areas.


It contains specific active ingredients such as: Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptol, which have a soothing and revitalizing effect, providing immediate and lasting relief. Its high Sweet Almond oil content, in addition to acting as a massage base, nourishes and keeps the skin moisturized.

Presentation 150 ml.



Compound extracted from mint plants. It has cooling, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, increasing blood flow and, therefore, improving circulation.


It is a compound extracted from the wood of the Camphor tree, native to the Far East. It has cooling, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation stimulating activity.


As its name indicates, it is a component extracted from the Eucalyptus tree. In addition to its bactericidal action, its main activity is anti-inflammatory, thus promoting circulation.

Sweet Almond Oil 

Vegetable oil widely known for its moisturizing, nourishing, emollient and regenerating properties. It can be used directly on the skin or as a massage base.

Formula with multiple beneficial properties to relieve muscle pain due to contractures or muscular ailments caused by daily routine or sports injuries. It is a solid emulsion that melts on contact with the skin due to body heat. It is intended for professional use in specialized centers. 

Apply a small amount to the hands and rub gently to fluidify the product. Then apply to the affected area and massage as usual. After each application, wash hands carefully and do not touch mucous membranes or eyes as menthol could cause discomfort. In case of accidental eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of water.