AGE MIRACLE – Nourishing anti-wrinkle cream. 50 ml.

Nourishing anti-wrinkle cream with a very pleasant texture that is easily absorbed, regenerates and deeply nourishes the epidermis of the skin and neck, leaving the skin radiant, nourished and hydrated. 

It provides the skin tissue with vitamins, lipids, minerals and proteins essential for cell reproduction, with which we can prevent premature aging of the skin, attenuate existing furrows, reducing wrinkles and flaccidity.

Formulated for all skin types. Recommended for use from 40 onwards.

94.3% of natural origin.

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Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera, moisturizes, nourishes, repairs and regenerates).

Algae Porphyridium Cruentum (red marine microalgae that hydrates, softens and enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier, preventing external aggressions).

Vitamin E (antioxidant active).

Collagen (marine origin active that provides elasticity and firmness).

Elastine (active that provides firmness and elasticity).

Avocado oil (moisturizes and nourishes by providing proteins, vitamins and omega 3).

Vegetable origin emollients (active that hydrate and protect).

Massage into the face and neck with gentle upwards strokes and leave to work during the whole night.


Nourishing anti-wrinkle cream that hydrates, protects and nourishes the skin of the face, providing collagen, vitamins and omega3.